4 months


We are racing through Josh’s 4 month mark.

Really getting to know his little ways has been so much fun. His development has really taken a leap too. Laughs are a regular occurrence, he grabs and sucks anything within reach and he has fallen into a nice little night routine too.

We got a tricky toothie phase so used teetha gel, we purchased a gummee glove and calpol was administered when required. Drool has still continued but grouchy Josh has gone again and my smiling happy boy has returned.

At 19 weeks I also decided to start him on solids after my visit to Ballymaloe. We stocked up on the blender, weaning spoons/bowls & fresh fruit and veg. We started the first couple of days with a spoon of baby rice/porridge and transitioned onto carrots and pears. I boiled & puréed these and popped them in silicone ice cube trays in the freezer so I could take out a portion each day. 2 ice cubes is enough at first so a couple of carrots goes a long way! His first few days he wasn’t quite sure what to make of the spoon, the food and the whole experience but 2 weeks on he cries when I take away the carrot and loves to grab the spoon too! My phn gave me a great tip, not to wipe away the excess from his mouth as they also have taste buds surrounding their lips so it is all part of the learning for them. It will be a messy process so best just to embrace it. 2 weeks in I think it’s going well so next week it will be porridge in the morning and late afternoon tea of a new veg/fruit..

Having said all that mama has found this one of the harder months. It’s like the last 4 months have accumulated as I am exhausted, sometimes I feel like I am sinking, sometimes overwhelmed so with such a wonderful little boy & husband in my life I have decided to re evaluate things a little and work out our daily lives in a way that works out a little better for all.

As I approach my first ever Mother’s Day I hope I can put my tiredness irrational self behind me and believe what I am doing is good enough, enjoy every moment because one thing I do know is how unbelievably lucky I am to have such a wonderful little family.



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