First 1000 Days


I only really heard about this towards the end of my pregnancy and it’s fair to say that quite a few ‘treats’ made it into my diet when pregnant. A good mummy friend of mine downloaded the book for me but the way it printed was a little strange so I didn’t probably give it the attention it deserved. Then when I was in Ballymaloe I heard others talk about a demo they went to in Cork and how great it was.
Last month I saw the free tickets pop up on their Facebook page and signed up quickly. I am so glad I did, it was a great night that I attended last night.
I went with my mum as she will be cooking for Joshua too. We are both keen cooks but came away with some great tips and ideas from the lovely Nevin Maguire. The night was professionally run, easy to follow and loads of time given to questions as well as lots of their recipe books around so I took a few to give to mummy friends and of course one for my blog followers. All you have to do is follow me on twitter and retweet the picture I put up of the book. Alternatively check out their great site and order your own copy and sign up for their updates.



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