First Daddy’s Day


It might be a mummy blog but there is no doubt that Myself and Josh’s world would not be complete without the ever stable, caring, supportive and loving presence of Dada Feltoni aka Ian.

He has been a constant support from the day Joshua arrived into the world. I already knew he was a wonderful husband and had my suspicions that he was going to make a spectacular daddy but the father and husband he has become is different than what was in my mind but surpassed anything I or anyone could dream of and I am one lucky lady…

I think it can be very difficult for new daddy’s in a way that is so different to new mummy’s. Mum’s are kind of thrown in at the deep end and have also had 9 months to bond and connect with what has just happened. Dads on the other hand, through no fault of their own can become a spectator, helping where they can and adjusting to their new life too but not getting much credit. It is important to note that it is a huge life change for them too and with that comes a massive sense of responsibility, new worries and emotions that surpass anything they have probably experienced before.

There is no doubt Mamas do rule but it’s important to remember Dadas do too!

Happy Father’s Day to all. 💙


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