Play Cafés


I had recently done a review of Meerkat Play Cafe and visited another couple over the summer. Whilst this is not a full review I felt it was important to note and compare…

First up was Funky Monkeys, a UK chain. I went with 2 friends with older kids and it is definitely more suited towards 3 plus. Josh was only 2 euros in {it increase with age} which was good but the baby area was pretty awful with big kids jumping in despite the signs and none of the music toys actually working. I wasn’t a fan, it had that chain feel and I won’t be rushing back despite its handy Dundrum location.

Next up was Panda play cafe in Ballsbridge, they also have a Terenure location. Pricey enough entry at 6 euro with coffees fairly steep too but great toys and a more independent feel. We went on a very busy day and it felt very chaotic but I wouldn’t rule out a return again when Josh would get more benefit perhaps.

Meerkats is still my fav, yes it’s small and after visiting the other I suppose a few more toys wouldn’t go amiss but a much cleaner, nicer environment for all the family!IMG_9889.JPG


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