Birthday Planning 🎈


Josh’s big first birthday is in less than a week away which means his party is just over a week away! As a previous party planner, I have taken this challenge head on… Resulting in 18 kids plus parents somehow fitting into our modest semi d! Eek!

Anyway back to the fun stuff. Early on we decided on a ‘Dear Zoo’ theme when I came upon party products of Josh’s favourite book! He cracks up at ‘the giraffe is too tall’ and so on and so on…so it was a perfect fit.

We decided early on to have it at home {we may live to regret this} but also decided on an entertainer so I used one of my previous contacts, Genie Makers and booked her in. An hour show of bubbles, singing and a magic show should keep the nearly 20 kids mesmerised for a few minutes anyway…

I ordered the Dear Zoo party bits online and picked up some party bag stuff in dealz too. For food we are keeping it simple with old school fairy cakes, krispie buns, sausages and some mini sambos. A baker friend is going to pull together a chocolate biscuit number 1 cake to blow out the candles too!

For the day itself we decided to do a cake smash photoshoot to mark the occasion with the same photographer who did his 2 week shoot. We are also having a few family over to raise a toast and mama is going to attempt a number 1 coffee cake for this as it was what I requested the night I got out of hospital…

For his gifts, we have kept with the zoo theme and got him a cute wooden pull along, a dear zoo puzzle and book. He is so little we didn’t feel the need to go mad. We bought him cute little t shirts in Next that say ‘I am 1’ for his party and ‘birthday boy’ for his party so I think we are all set.

Here are all the links and I’ll fill you in once we survive the party…


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