Santa Visit ๐ŸŽ…


Last weekend was filled with Christmas cheer. It began by a quick visit to the craft fair and a lovely lunch with granny. That evening we decided to pick the tree, a few days earlier than planned. On a windy night we picked the perfect one and Josh’s face when he came down the next morning was just brill. Lots of pointing at the lights but no attempt to pull himself up on it so to date it’s still standing!!!

Then on Sunday it was off to see Santa. We had chosen The Forest Train in Avondale, hearing it was going to be great and it really was. We arrived just in the nick of time on a crisp morning, the train and it’s elves were set for departure so off we went. The train journey brought us through the woods and with a pit stop to pick up ‘Noodle’ the elf, we all arrived at Santa’s workshop. We got to see Santa first {josh must have been a very good boy} . We entered his office and made a family wish together. Then it was a pic with Santa, a very lovely gift for Josh {wooden musical toys} and back through the magic wardrobe… We were then back into the main market where there were lovely stalls, a cute coffee van and a wishing tree to make a wish for our brilliant boy! We finished the day off with lunch in a nearby hotel, Tinakilly. A perfect start to Christmas!




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