Crèche Countdown 😩


This day 3 weeks I return to work after 15 months, yes I know I am so lucky to have had that long but it sure doesn’t make it any easier to return.

I have read/been told not to do the mental countdown but it’s very hard. Christmas is distracting the process although I can also get huge waves of melancholy when we have those fun festive moments together knowing our days are numbered… I know there will be lots more special times ahead but it just feels a wonderful phase is about to come to a close. We are really happy with our chosen crèche too but it’s heart wrenching all the same.

As a result I have started cherishing those moments all the more, when clearing some of my thousands of photos due to low storage I look back so fondly on the meamerisng 14 months we have had together. So the crèche bag is ordered {a little lion rucksack}, rate settle in period is agreed {over Christmas which is not ideal but hey ho} and today is the day mama goes to get work clothes {blah}

I am going to miss my little pal with all my heart but if know it’s time to return to reality and taking month by month or even day by day at times who knows what the future holds but for now it’s back to work for mama and Josh’s first day at crèche-a new chapter has begun!


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