Christmas & New Year with Josh


Well we are all full of turkey, the house is filled with new toys and our hearts are filled with joy. What a relaxing, wonderful Christmas it was. We just rang in the New Year with dear friends last night, so a perfect end to a perfect Christmas really.

Christmas felt like it was coming for ages with lot of festive goings on in December but then came and went so fast in the end. My 2 boys got sick just before it but were back on the road to recovery for the big day. They both picked up hand foot and mouth, strange for a non crèche baby and even stranger for an adult but hey ho, back to the fun stuff.

Christmas Eve we were town bound and after his morning nap, Josh was in good form so we enjoyed a Prosecco brekkie with family friends and then went to see the Christmas train in The Shelbourne, he loved it. Finished off with an obligatory drink to lap up the atmosphere then home. That evening my mum and her friend who was joining us for dinner came to us for take away, wine and help with Santa. A really lovely day, quite different to previous ones but new traditions begun that now fit perfectly.

Then Santa spread his magic and Christmas arrived. The morning was definitely a highlight of the festive period if not the year! Josh was just so excited by all his toys, smiling and pointing at mama and dada, so so special. Then brekkie in granny’s with another cool gift of an indoor v tech ride on. He just lapped it all up! He loves playing with his new toys and his vtech garage is a big hit.

The next few days were about cosy time, leftovers, rest and walks, thankfully he pretty much dutifully obliged!

Then it was time for settle in with his new crèche, I was so nervous but did manage to not let it affect Christmas which was good. The first day we stayed with him for just under an hour. The next day he was flying solo and he couldn’t have done any better-he was fine when dada left him, played with his new pals and ate all his lunch. They said that’s a great start. My heart nearly burst seeing pics the girls sent via text come through {a little tear was shed} Going to collect him and seeing his little face-happy and excited to see mama was just the most reassuring moment that maybe just maybe this is all going to be ok. We treated him to his own big boy chair and a Mickey Mouse balloon which he just loved, as if he didn’t have enough already but hard not to spoil him on such a big day!

So as we say hello to 2015 and a new chapter for our little family, I feel hopeful, happy and very thankful for all that we have and all that lies ahead.

Happy New Year peeps!




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