Recent activities 


I cherish my Mondays and weekends  with Josh and I always make sure we do something fun. We revisit places we loved when on leave but have also visited new places and here is a run down of some of our recent spots:

{DLR Library}

First up a few months ago we took a trip to the controversial library building overlooking Dun Laoghaire Harbour. A great kids section with lots of space but with the need to use a couple of lifts it is a little trickier to reach than perhaps it should be. That is explained when you see the fab view however and the bright space where it is situated. We picked up a book Josh was drawn to as dropped it back to any dlr library which was very handy. Open Monday-Sat from 9.30am and they also have workshops etc too.


Next up we met a pal at this play centre spot in Rathfarnham. A really cute set up but again access wasn’t great as you have to go up a flight of stairs and for my friend with her twins that was a little tricky. The toy section is small but well set up and the highlight was a toddler disco at 3 which featured Peppa Pig-Josh wasn’t as big a fan at this stage and has a slight fear of large animated animals but hope to return some Monday soon to join in the fun again! 



{Leisure Plex-Toddler Mornings}

I met my mama mates one miserable Sunday morning in our local lesuireplex for a toddler hook up. I was a bit dubious, remembering my days of quasar in my teens but it was actually great. There was a super selection of toys and early on it was practically empty. It’s 5 euro in with a free tea/coffee-great for all ages but they key is to go early as it did get very busy!

{Messy Monkeys}

We have attended Messy Monkeys a couple of times now and just love it. Lucy puts a lot of thought into her sessions, themed depending on the time of year or certain occasions. Our most recent one was for Easter and along with a couple of Josh’s baby pals we had a fabulously fun as messy time. It’s a great chance for kids to let loose and you don’t have to clean the mess. It seems first visitors are a little wary at first but once they warm up they love it. Booking is a must but it is well worth a visit!

Messy Monkeys

{National Gallery-Tiny Tots}

Myself and Josh had attended a few of the baby workshops and loved them so we were looking forward to get if a spot on their toddler workshops. Luckily we did and it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon. It was circus themed and there is always such a lovely atmosphere, Josh lapped it up! It is a tricky one to get a place on. You have to email the Tuesday before the Friday/Saturday session and if early enough you might be lucky! 



We took a Sunday trip out to Skerries last week to visit an old work colleague of mines little shop. I had been before but in the depths of winter so this time we enjoyed it in all it’s glory. A great family day trip, with lovely walks and a treat at the end in the form of storm in a tea cup (a must visit). En route home we stopped by Ardgillan castle as I had heard the playground was great and it is-a little jaunt through the gardens down to a lovely age friendly playground with a fab view too! 


{Cork Trip}-

We headed to Cork for Paddys weekend so I thought I would include our activities in this post. 

We stayed one night in Kinsale and 2 in Fota making a pizza pit stop to Ballymaloe. 

Ballymaloe was our first stop for their Saturday pizzas-I just love this place and hope to bring Josh down many a time over the years. They were so helpful and friendly and Josh loved the delicious pizza options and then a post feed look at all the farm life was his highlight-mine was definitely the food, just delish! 

Then to Kinsale, we stayed in the Carlton which we have a few times before but it has become a little run down so may look elsewhere for our next trip. We visited the village and went of dinner in the Bulman-my goodness they could not have been more accommodating if they tried and it was busy too. Food was ace, great value and we will most certainly be returning!

The next day was Mothers Day, we went for Mothers Day lunch in the newly revamped Fishy Fishy. They have done a great job and again so friendly but we both walked away thinking it was probably a little overpriced but good all the same.

We booked into the fab Fota Resort Hotel for the next 2 nights and with the exception of some bad bar food service the stay was fantastic, really child friendly but a little bit of luxury at the same time. 

Nearby Fota Park was on the list and Josh really loved it-looking at all the animals and having taken his first steps a few days previously he could wobble around to his heart content!

I think next time I would stay in one of Fota island lodges for 3 nights-take a day trip to Kinsale and nip down to Ballymaloe but enjoy the luxury of the hotel nearby! A great family trip.


{Easter Weekend}-

Easter was a busy occasion too, we must have been at every hunt going 😉. First up was the Easter Train in Avondale, we had attended the Christmas one too. This one was still nice but I didn’t think as good and probably a bit too old for Josh. A lovely lunch in Tinakilly afterward though it was a nice day all round. Next up was Cadbury’s Easter Hunt in Merrion Square in aid of Banardos. It was brilliantly organised and lots of fun things to do and treats along the way. Again Josh was probably a little young but he loved the bubble tent and the hula hoop disco and we would most certainly return next year to get involved in all the activities available! Finally it was a local park Easter Fair in Deerpark-the Mad Hatters Tea Party and this was super. There were lots of great things to do for all ages, nice food stalls, face painting, craft areas, rides and all free-I am going to try organise to meet a few local friends with kids up there next year because it’s a really fun day out to start off Easter Sunday! Having said that I think his favourite hunt was the simple one I set up in the garden!!



Summer is coming and I’m excited for all the fun things that will bring, I will update you as we go! Have fun visiting some of the places above-we did 😃

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