A little stumbling block…


Months in and sickness returned to our house again unexpectedly. Josh  had started to settle well in crèche since being moved rooms, work was going well and money was becoming a bit more free flowing. Things were on the up or so I thought. Josh hadn’t been sick for a couple of months but one Friday evening I noticed his eyes a bit gooey and then 3 huge vomits in the next 24 hours confirmed there was a little bug in his system. The weekend went fine, a trip to Airfield as new members, his first trip on a bus-the usual craic but by the end of the weekend I was unusually exhausted. At a personal training session on Monday night I felt pretty faint and by Tuesday I was like a zombie in work. Regrettably Wednesday had to be a bed day-10 hours sleep the night before had not done the job, I was wiped. The germs had crept in and dada had a sprained ankle so we were a house of crocs!

Looking back now I think my system is low, sickness in full fluey force returned at the weekend which enraged me to say the least! Things are going well but the adjustment has been huge and for months I think I’ve been hanging on by a thread, all the balls precariously up in the air and I have hit a wall. I beat myself up if I hit these walls and granted they don’t happen often, certainly less than they did years ago when I would perhaps indulge in them a little more. However one day of rest and bed bound at the weekend brought me the clarity to see two sides of the coin, try not get to the wall but if I do, that’s ok to-stop, rest & re boot!

Life as a working mama continues… 



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