Babylon-online doc any use?


With the launch of Babylon Health today on some Aviva Health plans , I thought I would note down my thoughts from a mamas perspective.

Ok, I might be a little biased as I now work for the company and all that but we were given a little taster with a few  free consultations as staff. It lingered there for a while but as per my recent post, I was bed bound recently so decided now was the time to avail of their services!

On Sunday night I decided enoight was enough and with no improvement I scheduled a phone consultation for 10am the next morning. I was able to save it in my calander which I liked.

The next day I had a missed call an a voicemail explaining than a family emergency had occurred for the doctor on cover so my time would need to be changed. I called, they cancelled it and I rescheduled for lunchtime-no problemo. 5 mins before the call due I got a notification, then bang on time the calm came through.

The doctor introduced himself, welcomed me to babylon and explained the procedure. He took some history, then my symptoms and returned with a diagnosis and outcome. He didn’t choose the anti biotic route which I was impressed by as I thought they would air on the side of caution an lash you on medication just to make sure but he believed my symptoms were viral and the were cause a few days later and some over the counter stuff I am definitely on the mend and not 60 euro out of pocket unnecessarily! Perfect for the should I should I not go to the doctor moments for both me and Josh is the future…


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