Brilliant Busy Bank Holiday 


What a brill bank holiday that was..  It started on Friday, after a busy week in work with extended hours as a fussed mama both myself and my husband decided to take a half day. We collected Josh early to his delight and after a few chores we went for a tasty lunch in the child friendly Urbun and then to the lovely Cabinteely Park to feed the ducks and have a quick swing. Later a training session, a sneaky after gym drink and a yummy dinner finished off a lovely Friday. 

Saturday we were headed for a BBQ with friends and it was a complete wash out. I was booked into get my hair/nails done so I had that to look forward to in the morning-{I recently discovered Anna Schu and love it}. Josh is finding a set time on a one nap a day so everything works around that. At weekends myself and my husband continue to take turns in the lie in and the other person will try get back for an hour before heading off for the day and it works well. After all this, off we went to the BBQ with sausages in hand to celebrate an old friends home from Oz. It was great to get all the kids together and Josh continues to make us beam with joy and pride. I brought Josh home for a bubble bath, peppa and bed whist dada went out and mama put her feet up with a large glass of wine.


Sunday myself and Josh set off in search of the free Peppa Pig book in the Sunday World and after a lovely brekkie with granny it was back to rouse dada from his slumber. While I got an hours shut eye Ian brought Josh to a Woolaaplooza festival in Airfield all about sheep which he loved. Play time at home and some chill time for us ended a lovely relaxed Sunday, as they should be.


Then the cherry on the cake was Monday with a visit to Imaginosity with Josh in the morning. He loved it-the excitement was bubbling out of him. He was probably a touch too young for the full interaction with all the areas and as he gets older he will enjoy it more and more. It is well laid out with a play garage, diner, supermarket, post office, tv station and more. Each area is well thought out from both a fun and learning perspective. It is a little on the expensive side when all the family go with only a 2 hour time frame however we will certainly be back. Then mama and dada transported Josh to his favourite spot (Ga Ga’s Gaf) and we went off on a date day which started with cake and finished with cocktails and shopping in between-perfection. Then a full nights sleep and lie in, completed with some much needed house chores {reality bites} and some play time with Josh-oh if every weekend could be that lovely..


It was a turning point for us all I think-we all are starting to settle well into the working life routine and once we make sure that weekends are cherished like the one we just had then really it aint all that bad.. 



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