The Project Management of Holiday no2!


We are off on hols today so you won’t hear from me for a week or so on the blog.. I am very excited now about the prospect of 10 full days with my little family, including my mum so all my favourite people in one sunny place. 

Packing this year was different to last in that he is no longer a small baby but needs A LOT of stuff none the less! It started with the clothes, at this age year to year he grows out of everything so we started from scratch. We picked up most of the bits in penny’s, dunnes and next. Hats & suncreams were vital too this year as he will be running from place to place and spending a large amount of time in the pool I am quite sure. We picked up a candelsane spray 50 on special and have a small travel sized one too. 

Next up was food and entertainment, probably the most important piece in the ‘project’. The food thing is definitely easier as he is eating proper food now but to ensure volume I picked up some Ella’s Kitchen meals. I found the ones in the little bowls very handy to be able to pop in our bag when heading out at night. Our boy is Peppa mad so we have a full range of Peppa distractions available-3 books, a colouring pad and some extras with variation thrown in! We have also succumbed to downloading some Peppas on the I pad, there is that stupid guilt that but let’s face it he is going to be on it 20 minutes, at most of a fun filled 14 hour day! 

Finally there was us to think about, there is no point Josh being super organised and we are a flustered mess so clothes were purchased where required, outfits put together and bags taken out a few weeks in advance.

Snacks are in the bag, passports at the ready and fun in the sun here we come! 

Here’s my top 10 things to bring when holidaying with a toddler:

1. New Toys/Books for plane

2. Snacks/Bottle for journey

3. Comforter to settle on plane

4. Spare clothes in hand luggage for all in case of missing main bag

5. Calpol in case ears get sore 

6. I pad for last resort distraction

7. Hooded towel for after the pool

8. Swim shoes so no nasty slips occur

9. First few days supply of food/nappies etc so you can get your bearings

10. Sarong to cover buggy when sleeping or to cover skin when walking in heat!


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