The A to Z of Me!


I have seen a few fellow bloggers doing this so as I launch my new look blog I thought this was quite a good time to fill you in a bit more about me!

A is for Aviva, where I work

B is for Baking, a favourite pastime of mine 

C is for coffee cake, my fav sweet treat

D is for Dublin, I love living here 

E is for energy, if only I had more 

F is for Felton, my married name

G is for girls, love my gang of pals

H is for house, oh I want to own one

I is for Ian, love of my life

J is for Josh, light of my life

K is for Kate, my sort of sister 

L is for Louboutins, love those red soled shoes 

M is for my mum, couldn’t live without her

N is for nails, love getting them painted

O is for overwhelmed, a feeling I don’t always like unless it’s love but can happen on the journey of motherhood

P is for Peppa Pig, the fav in our house at the mo

Q is for quiet time, I do like it if I can ever get it these days 

R is for running which I love to do but don’t do enough

S is for Saturday and Sunday, family fun days which are sacred 

T is for tiredness, always there unfortunately

U is underwear, takes on a whole new meaning when controlling mum boobs!

V is vino, need one of these by the time the weekend comes around 

W is for worry, I can be a terrible worrier at times 

X is for x rated nappies, still wretch at the odd humdinger

Y is for yoghurt, strangely called gaddy gad in our house 

Z is for Zoo, on the list of summer things to do

Ohh some of those were trickier than I thought! Now I hope you enjoy a browse around my blog and my future musings too…



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