Our Happy Holiday 


We are back from holidays almost a week now and we all seem to be settling back ok into our refreshed home/work/crèche regime.

The holiday itself was just the tonic needed and lovely quality family time was banked. In a previous post I spoke about all the prep and that really helped. Some of the meals were not eaten so best to stick to the old reliables in future.

New books on the plane as well as a bottle worked a treat once he got used to the constant Ryanair tannoy! By the time we arrived in and with Josh coughing most of the night I think we all only got 4 hours sleep that first night.

It took a bit of getting used to him sleeping in our room, the constant noises and squirming is a distant memory since he went into his own room a year ago. 

He loved the pool and got very excited seeing it the first day-we had picked up a selection of pool toys in the town for him to play with and took turns watching him as he splashed to his hearts content.


We also hired a car which was great for exploring but the extra air con combined with some beach time (albeit covered up) made Josh sick for the next couple of days. On return from some mama/dada time he was quite poorly and the great pharmacy in our town thought it was probably sun stroke-eek! 

We kept it low key for the next 2 days. Our boy came back and splashing, chip eating and cartoon loving soon resumed.


Josh quickly got used to the new routine and surrounds. He woke as always very early but would come into our giant bed (something he doesn’t do at home) and sleep until 7ish. Then my mum or one of us would walk to the bakery where he got very friendly with ‘Sandra’ and her rolls.. 


We usually went back to the pool then for a short while, walk for a nap and that would be Josh out of the direct sun for the day. We would venture off for some lunch and take turns in grabbing some sunshine by the pool while someone else stayed in the apartment with Josh while he played/napped/snacked. New toys/books & lots of snacks were a saviour as well as a pretty good kids area in our apart/hotel. Just as we were all getting into our groove it was time to come home. 


The plane journey home was a little tricker, it was the middle of the day, he hadn’t got his morning nap and had developed the skill of engaging 3 adults in the practice of generally failing to curtail scampy child! 

However we landed, we got home and scampy child seemed to regress back to the boy we know a little more. The first day back at crèche I took a half day to settle him back but with a full week routine done and dusted I think the holiday for all of us seems to be a distant happy memory! I am ok with being home in fact, a fresh perspective, some relaxation had and  a little tan to feel refreshed.. 


You forget he won’t remember much of this, the pedalo ride, ice cream in the sun, helicopter/noddy rides or the excited splashing in the pool but I am a firm believer that they bank good memories for the future.. Well at least that’s what I tell my husband when paying 19 euro for a 10 minute duck pedelo ride 😝. 


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