Dada’s Day


As Father’s Day comes to a close I wanted to write a quick post and say Happy Father’s Day to all.  I am never one to pass up a reason to celebrate but for the man in our house there is every reason. He is a wonderful dada and husband so we spent a lovely family day together doing lots of what he loves to do-eating naughty things, drinking cold beer at the end of the day and kicking a ball out front with his little boy. We feel very lucky to have him in our lives. He is a super support to me and whilst Josh may not quite understand it yet, he is so lucky to have such a wonderful man to look up to.

I grew up for most of my years with just my mum. My dad left when I was a little older than Josh is now. He was an alcoholic so it was a difficult decision for all involved but absolutely the right one at the time. Unfortunately our relationship never really formed after that until 6 weeks before he died and I was there in his final moments which I am thankful for. 

It’s only now, when I see the bond that will grow between Josh and Ian and others with their Father’s that I perhaps see what we both missed out on and that is a little sad.

On the other side of things my mum did both jobs and without the support of another person, parenthood must have been incredibly challenging, tiring and lonely at times. It’s not just the hard times that would have been tough, it would be the good times too-you would have no one to share them with, at least no one who has the same love for your child as you do. She never made it feel like anything was missing and she should be very proud of that.

Josh is one lucky boy, that is for sure and some might say Father’s Day is just another Hallmark holiday but I don’t see why you shouldn’t celebrate and thank all the super star Dads out there! 



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