Monart-Escape from reality…


Just a quick Sunday evening post. My husband leaves for a week tomorrow for some meetings in the USA {I’ll let you know how I get on with that one 😁} but we are just back from a wonderful weekend celebrating 6 years of marriage in blissful Monart.

I went to Monart when I was 8 months pregnant and loved it but I didn’t get to enjoy it to its max as the spa is based on hot and cold therapies with a full 2 hour ritual which I was dying to utilise. 

We decided to go back for our anniversary as I knew Ian would love it and we were in need of complete relaxation and it delivered on both counts.

From the minute we arrived and our car was taken out of our hands until it was delivered back to us in front of the house 2 days later it was a cocoon of complete loveliness. We didn’t get out of our robes for over 24 hours, slept when we wanted, ate when we wanted and had a sneaky drink when we wanted. After 2 lovely treatments we were floating. The own thing I thought had fallen a little since my last visit was the food at both breakfast and dinner but I couldn’t fault the afternoon tea. 

For a complete escape, perfect for weary parents I couldn’t recommend it more. Keep an eye for deals too, mid week is best. See below.. Now back to reality! 😩


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