Single parentdom-kinda.. 


This week my husband has been away with work for the week so I am flying solo. I’m not going to lie I was pretty nervous about it for lots of reasons. Firstly it’s the longest myself and Ian have been away from each other since the very start of our relationship, almost 9 years ago and also Josh’s sleeping has been pretty erratic so I was dreading the regular mid night waking and having no one to shove to help! Saying that Ian is pretty super when it comes to wading in with help during the night and early rising mornings, he takes the lions share so I was overdue to get a run of it! 

The first half of the week started well, we got lost heading to Kilquade but it didn’t bother us, we got wet in the rain, again no bother. I got woken during the night as predicted and all that was fine. As the week progressed  I managed to keep the house in order, myself in order (just about) and even got washes on and put out which is the chore I hate the most. The crèche drops didn’t go quite as well but I carried them out fairly unscathed. I even managed to get some good work done in the office, despite being in shorter days to help with the drops and collections.

The week gave me a confidence in my mothering/parenting skills I think I’d lost a little since returning to work. I am able, capable and pretty ok at keeping the show on the road. Maybe I need to tell myself that a little more from now on. It did make me realise however that Josh most certainly plays us off each other at times and dada is probably a little too easy on Josh at times too and needs to play hard ball, epsecially when it comes to the sleep. We need to stop pandering to him like a puppet show as we sometimes do. We need to enforce the rules solo and stick to them. {well we will see how it goes anyway 😉}

However I am not naive, this is only a week, not even and Ian will arrive home with shiny bags of goodies for us all this Friday. The reality is, like my own mum did, there are plenty out there that are doing this day in day out on their own and it ain’t easy. The end of the day when all is done and dusted is lonely when you don’t have someone to unwind with and when exhaustion kicks in to not have someone there to pick up the slack is hard going to say the least. 

I’m not going to deny I can be a princess at times so I am sure I will milk it for a few days on hubby’s return but what it made me realise  despite my new found capabilities none of it has much meaning without Ian by side. We can’t wait to have Ian aka Dada back and our little family together again. 



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