21 things I’ve learnt being a Mum in 21 Months 


21 months old our little boy is today. Like a flash of an eye… Wow has life changed but only for the better… What have I learnt, well see below!

1. Love, had to be the first-the love for your child is like no other.


2. Family, your little unit becomes the most sacred thing in your life.

3. Patience, I wouldn’t be a naturally patient person but when it comes to Josh a whole new found world of patience occurs. 

4. Sleep, or lack of it. You learn survive on little sleep-21 months in and Josh is still quite hit and miss on the sleep front. 

5. Appreciation, it would seem that I appreciate everything a little more-especially the small things.

6. Your body, I’ve realised how strong and yet weakened my body now is. 

7. Support-the support of my mum has been inmesurable and without her we would be lost.


8. Interpreter, I am a top notch toddler jibber translator. 

9. Respect-a new found respect for my mum who did it on her own and for other mamas on this crazy lovely journey of parenthood. 

10. Friendships-new and old. I have gained some wonderful new friends in this first 21 months, you make mama friends very fast but my old friends have been fab at being there when a much needed glass of wine and a girly chat was required. 

11. Nick Jr, Peppa & George, Ben & Holly and Lily get us through an early weekend start.

12. Fun, it’s daily when a toddler is around.  


13. Planning, I was always a planner but being a mama brings it to a whole new level. 

14. Guilt, always lingering now I’m a mama. Not doing enough for Josh, not being a good enough wife, friend, daughter-the list is endless.

15. Worry-always the worry. On a WHOLE new level. 

16. Happiness-again on a whole new level-pure joy. 

17. Pride, so proud of my husband being such an ace dada and of course my little boy when he hits all those wonderous milestones. 


18. Confidence, being a mama has definitely given me an inner confidence that I searched for for many years. 

19. Resilience, I’ve learnt to bounce back from things at the speed of light. 

20. Toys, so hard not to purchase them and then you are over run with them but so hard not to when I see his excited little face.

21. Songs, twinkle twinkle sets him to sleep, wheels on the bus gets us through car journeys and now he sings his own tunes. 

What excites me the most is there is lots more to learn as we move through the months with Josh, every day brings new surprises some of them tricky but most of them oh so good.. 



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