Bring Back Balance 


The last couple of weeks have thrown our household a little off balance. It started with me having some kind of virus at the very start of the month which I am not really sure I completely shifted along with stepping in and up in work to cover annual leave along with busy weekends etc. 

I work best with balance and order, granted with a toddler that doesn’t always occur but the last few weeks have seen it spiral. Throw on top of that a broken fridge freezer with the loss of a lot of food and it became a little manic. I enjoy my job now and have liked getting involved with other elements, I adore by boys and family along with friends but somehow the usual orderly fashion that things tick along has not occurred and that unnerves me and frankly doesn’t bring out the best in me. 

Gone is the daily juicing, the evening exercise classes, the quality time with Josh and Ian on return from work. These last few weeks, clothes have plied up, eating has gone to the dogs and legs have gone unshaved on occasion! I found myself inpatient with Josh which is a real rarity {he gets away with murder}, feeling sluggish/crap about myself due to bad eating and lack of exercise and not able to sleep well due to my mind in overload!

I understand situations occur in life when thing go a little askew but balance (or at least some semblance of it) is what works best for me and our family. So as I leave work this Friday evening I will grab balance back, enjoy the freedom and recuperation of the weekend and next week order will be the aim of the game with some plan making ahead of September.

As the saying goes TGIF!!!! Happy weekend.. 


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