Dettol Range-Review 


A few weeks ago I got sent some of Dettols range of cleaning goods. Now I’m not going to lie and claim I am the primary cleaner in our house, we get a cleaner once a week but even at that there is always cleaning to be done in between.

We usually buy our cleaning products from one of the discount supermarkets and whilst they are fine they sometimes don’t quite do the job on the dried in porridge or weetabix!

I started by using the Power & Pure spray which I found to be very good with no residue and overpowering smell but sorted stains fast!

Due to my cleaning laziness but need for a clean and tidy house I do love a good wipe and I found the Dettol ones great however the pack is quite small for the rrp. The wipes are great for giving toys the once over at the end of the day.

Finally one I haven’t used yet but know I would have found very useful in the early days with Josh. It is a no wash hand wash with E45 cream. Really handy after the constant nappies and general hand hygiene around the tiny babies!

Dettol is not usually my first choice when purchasing hiusehold cleaning products, probably due to the higher price point but now seeing the distinct difference from the discount brands I genuinely think I’ll be popping more products in my trolley soon.

Whilst doing a bit of research I went onto thier site and it’s handy for tips and general product information.


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