Change of Room


We got the dreaded letter a few weeks back that is was time for Josh to move rooms. The room he was in he was really settled in this room, loved his teachers and was finding a good routine. Eek.

I’m not going to lie I dreaded it and as the day approached as the hour/half day/ full transition approached it was definitely playing on my mind. 

We went up to meet his new teachers the Friday before the ‘big change’ and they were lovely. We brought flowers for his old teachers and chocolates for the rest. It was time to move on. One of his old teachers was genuinely sad to see him go and that was actually lovely to see-real affection for your child. She is also moving class and they will meet again soon so that’s worked out well.

I under estimate my child, he is probably more resilient than me and crèche has definitely helped with that. He is the kid who visits the kitchen, the office and the baby room so another room change is nothing to him. For me it’s about him getting bigger & independent 😩. He now sleeps on mats, there are bigger boys than him and his sponge like quality for learning is incredible. We are so thankful for the crèche we chose and how invested they are in our little boy, it’s really great to see. He completed his first full week and all went well! Fingers crossed on our return from hols the transition is as smooth.. 



4 thoughts on “Change of Room

  1. I know how you feel. I was dreading when Lilly went from the baby room to wobblers 1 but it really didn’t effect her at all. It was all me!

    Having just returned from two weeks away from crèche the first morning back she was upset when I left her but settled quickly after I left. Then we had 3 day wkend then she was a little teary saying goodbye on the Monday but fine by the time I got to the little peep window to wave goodbye and the next day all back to normal.

    Well done Josh, enjoy your holidays xx

      • Not yet. Soon I guess, as she is taking a few steps while holding on to things and a lot of her friends have moved & im a bit more relaxed because we got to know Sinead while in baby room so I’m not as nervous…yet.

        Absolutely delighted with Dimples too. Xx

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