September Start 😀


So we have arrived back from holidays feeling refreshed and ready to go! I love September as a month, in a lot of ways seems like the second January of sorts.. A month to get your house in order ahead of the festive season.

It is always a lovely time of year for us in the Felton household as we have the festivities of Halloween, birthdays for all 3 of us and then Christmas-all my favourite points of year-sure my pals say I’d celebrate Hanukkah if I had half a chance! 

For me September gives new focus, maybe it’s the start of school syndrome in me but this year I plan on doing and implementing a few new things and hopefully by writing them down here, exposing them to the world I’ll have to try and stick to them:

1. Lose the lbs I’ve inevitably gained in Italy-easier said than done when exuastion generally leads you to carb fest. 

2. Do both my sit ups and pelvic breathing daily-again essentials but can easily slip. 

3. Walk every evening/day-for clearing the head if nothing else.

4. Brush Josh’s teeth daily-sounds like a simple task but every other day we forget 😁

5. Be consistent with a face regime-those 30+ eye bags are starting to take over my face! 

6. Try and curtail my social media addiction, at least I can admit it, many don’t but jeez it can take over. 

7. And finally try to stop making everything so perfect, things being great is good enough… 

Oh and keep going with the things that already go well and be thankful, so very very thankful. 


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