Embracing Winter ❄️🍂


So my September start got off to a tricky few days as I managed to catch some strep throat on my return from holidays. I tried to ignore it but ended up on antibiotics. Thankfully I now seem to be over the worst of it. It’s time to get back on track, get the routine back in place and not a moment too soon when your almost 2 year old tells you your legs are furry! 😁

Despite the odd bright day I’ve seen a real shift away from summer and I’m actually ok with that. Winter hats have been purchased, black tights are back and a few thoughts of hot water bottles have come into my mind on recent nights. 
€11 Marks and Spencer 

As I said in a previous post, this time of year is one of my favs. You stop wishing for a glimpse of summer and with lots of celebrations ahead in our house there is lots to look forward to. 

From warming casseroles to new autumnal clothing ranges in the shops I will be sharing some of these in future posts along with some Halloween, birthday and Christmas ideas!

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