Slimming World Here I Come 


So I started slimming world 2 weeks ago, you might have seen me allude to it on some of my social media platforms. I started the week after I got back from Italy, feeling hefty and determined. I have mentioned in previous posts that the pounds had crept on since being back to the 9-5 and it was making me feel pretty crappy about myself, I’d worked so hard to get them off. 

I had tried doing it on my own but like anything I generally succeed at, being accountable works better for me so I decided to take the plunge. I settled on the Slimming World route as I had done Weight Watchers before and think I knew the method too well and thought a fresh approach would be better.

I went to my first class intrigued and ready to learn. The method sounded good, focusing on balanced nutritious meal along with a fibre & dairy healthy extra and of course your ‘syns’. I cleared out some remaining naughty bits from the cuboards and re stocked the good stuff. 

The first week I just found it tricky on what to snack on and changing my mind set and habits but stuck to plan. I wasn’t able to exercise much due to being sick and need to find out more how that fits into the whole concept as I move forward. Anyway, week 1 and I was down 4lb-thrilled! I came away with focus and real determination. I had needed to de bloat and detox the body somewhat and it had worked! 

Moving into week 2 I was getting a better gauge of the way it worked but probably was snacking more, still a little unsure on the best options. I had a personal 2lb target heading into week 2 so I was nervous stepping on the scales. I lost 2.5 tonight so I was thrilled. 

The regular leader was back so I had a good chat with her about snacks, eating out and exercise. Roll on week 3 and minus more lbs! Heading towards the half stone gone.. Back on the bus as they say.  



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