Halloween Prep and Plans ðŸ‘»ðŸŽƒ


So with our Christmas giveaway out of the way I’ll have another seasonal one coming up soon. 

Before Santa comes witches, ghosts and ghouls.. One of my favourite festivities-Halloween! I love it, always have. Growing up it was fab, our road celebrated full scale and I have very fond memories despite hiding behind cushions with the firework bangs! 

Anyway back to 2015 and this year Josh knows all about ‘hawaween’ and dressing up and scary faces.. It took a bit of convincing but we eventually got him into his ‘vapire’costume! An upgrade from his baby bat last year..as you will see below! 

This year we have similar plans to last with a few added extras. I know this year he will just love it all, well at least I hope so!

First up is Scalpwood Nursery for Pumpkin Picking this weekend along with decorating the house in festive fare. Here is Josh there last year and booking details below:



Our fav Messy Monkeys is also holding a Halloween themed morning on the bank holiday Saturday so be sure to check that out too. I think the morning session is already booked out! 

Then Halloween week is jam packed with a reading/crafts in Airfield that my mum will take him to then he will most likely have a Creche party and on the day before Halloween my work is holding a kids morning full of dress up, magicians and spooky fun! 

Airfield info below:


Finally on the day itself I am hosting another Trick or Treat for Temple Street party for about 20 toddlers and their parents! I will make some spooky treats {I’ll post recipes closer to the day} and all the little ones will be dressed up for some fun and play. 


Then that evening our estate comes to life so I have family joining for a supper of traditional bangers & colecannon and some trick or treating.. 

A fun and frighteningly packed up day with hopefully more treats than tricks 😉


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