Little Kickers ⚽️


Yesterday Josh started Little Kickers. It was Ian’s dream to bring his little boy to football and his dream came true. 


You can only start Little Kickers in our local class when you are 2 so we signed straight up.

I wasn’t sure how Josh would take to it as sometimes he can be clingy at these playgroup type things. I left him and dad to it and he got on great. 

It starts with a warm up and then into ‘drills’ focusing on colours and interaction. There is then goal scoring at the end and a sharing game so a perfect balance for 45 minutes of fun! The leaders are lovely and enthusiastic and keep it all ticking along at a good pace. 

A lovely weekend activity that we will look forward to every week.. The new Little Kickers strip was worn proudly for the rest of the day!


Check out more details here: Little Kickers Info 


3 thoughts on “Little Kickers ⚽️

  1. Brenda

    Aww brill. Wish there was something like that near me. although we tried rugby tots recently and all was well til we had to give back the ball near the end. Complete meltdown. Must try again soon. They change every week!! I think it’s great to be in to sports ⚽😃

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