New Year.. New Plans 


Happy 2016! As we take down the decos and finish off the last of the bikkies I am happy to be moving into the new year.

A lot has happened us in recent months and we were happy to say goodbye to 2015. Some good did come out of the year and just seeing Josh evolve has been such a joy.

Life can be funny and when not so nice things happen it makes you realise a lot of things, bring focus to what you have and makes you look to the future with a little more focus.

On New Years Day we went for a woodland walk and got very very lost-long story short we had to get rescued by this random family and the very next day with a clean slate I found his quote. It made me laugh but it did resonate somewhat. 


This year we have written down our goals, they are private goals for now but hopefully I will be able to share them as we go through the year. Some are big and some very small, like simple weekly evening walks…


I have high hopes for 2016 and I hope for everyone I know and love it is a lovely year too filled with happiness, love and good health.


Happy New Year! 


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