Do you remember back to those first few months of parenthood when the thoughts of leaving your treasured new bundle with anyone other than family was scary . You may not have even had family close by and craved some me/couple time throughout the adjustment of being new parents, even a couple of hours of much needed sleep…

Now there is an accessible serves that helps with these worries and requirements, it’s called Nursesitter.

Here is a bit about the services they are offer:

Nursesitter providers minders for children of all ages and needs for night nursing, day assistance and support or even just a few hours minding your precious baby or young child. All the nurses are fully registered Childrens nurses so you can rest assured that your little one will be well looked after.

Here, Karen, the founder of Nursesitter talks about why she came up with the concept:

Nursesitter has been an idea I’ve had for some time. It came from talking to parents of children I’ve cared for and how comfotable they feel with a children’s Nurse minding their child. And also talking to friends who have children and how difficult it can be to find a babysitter that you feel happy leaving your child with. I’m also a mother to young children and have called upon my friends who are Nurses, to mind my kids when family members couldn’t.

For example, my sister got married last year and I was bridesmaid, my son was only 10 weeks old at the time. We knew it would be fine for him to be there for the day part of the wedding, but he was still so little, we wanted him settled and away from the party for the evening, and we wanted to relax too! All our family members were attending the wedding and we didn’t feel comfortable leaving the baby with the babysitter provided by the hotel. We racked our brains for what we could do, and decided to ask a close friend who is a Nurse, thankfully she was free! We were so happy and relieved in the knowledge that he would be well looked after, and we could enjoy the evening part of the wedding. We had a great time and so did our little boy!

From working  in the acute hospital setting on a busy ward, meeting various families and children with various medical conditions, I found that many parents didn’t have anyone to mind their child. This was for various reasons, such as not having family members close by to help out, not having someone who felt confident administering medications if needed, or special feeds such as tube feeds. I know as a couple how important it is to get a few hours out together or even a night away, and this is one of the reasons I created Nursesitter. So that parents can feel comfortable leaving their child with an experienced children’s Nurse who can take care of their medical issues.

Having a newborn is a very busy time, you are now responsible for a tiny human being, that in itself is stressful enough, but there’s also sleep deprivation, maybe feeding issues and also what mum’s body has just gone through. Nursesitter can help alleviate some of these pressures, we can stay overnight with your newborn and provide all the care they need while you can rest. We can also come during the day to help support you with feeding, help demonstrate bathing your baby and general care of a newborn.

Check out more information here and book some time in for some much needed R&R as a new mum!


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