Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day.. My third and another special day ahead with my boys and my own mum. I feel so lucky every day to be a mum, to have a wonderful mum and know so many fantastic mums too. 

Last night after a lovely family local dinner we had walked by a homeless man on the way in and again on the way out. My husband wanted to give him some money but with the cold night I also ran in and got him some hot tea and a sandwich. It’s not like I don’t see poverty on the streets a lot but for some reason this poor man struck a cord with me. How has he ended up on the cold streets of Dublin, alone, cold and most probably scared. Where is his mum, I thought and what has happened to him to get to this place? Did she maybe think he was coming to a better life or is she even still around..

I brought Josh home and like every night we put him in a warm bath and read him stories before bedtime. He gets cuddles and warm milk before bed and maybe at some point of his life this homeless man did too but now he sleeps on the hard, cold and unforgiving streets of Dublin, a long way from home. 

It’s sad but it’s reality and we explained to Josh what a lucky boy he was as that poor man was very cold and only had tea to keep him warm. Of course he didn’t quite understand but you we know better things most likely lie ahead for Josh and you can only hope in his future there is less poverty and more help for the people in the world who need it most. 



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