Some lovely news… 


You never find out like you think you will, ‘just like in the movies’. I snuck away from my husband one evening in early March with a sneaky suspicion that I could be pregnant. I was right and not just pregnant but 7 weeks pregnant too!

After my miscarriage my cycle had not gone back to normal and whilst we weren’t actively trying per se this baby decided it’s time was now and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. 

I had just started a new job and almost immediately began feeling nauseous. This progressed into much worse morning/all day sickness but I think this deserves a whole post to itself! Despite the tricky timing, we were thrilled. An early reassurance scan (that you get free of charge post miscarriage) confirmed that all was well and it was a huge relief seeing their little heart flutter away.

I told people when necessary, when I saw them with the majority of people now knowing our exciting news.

The next scan at just over 12 weeks went great too. I can’t quite put my finger on it but something about that scan felt quite miraculous. We know what you can lose and despite it all here was our baby with 2 kidneys, a stomach and perfectly formed. A huge relief. 

I can’t say I am more nervous this pregnancy just perhaps a little more aware and overwhelmingly thankful and grateful. 

We are excited for our little family.. A brother or sister for Josh and another little person to love and make us smile. We are lucky, very very lucky. 

On a side note, the referal to ‘morning sickness’ is also my excuse for falling of the radar blog post wise for the last few weeks but hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon and sharing my journey with you… 


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