I got contacted by the founder of Bookawoo a few months ago and once they launched they kindly sent us a sample of the book box that is personalised for each child. 

They own a toy shop in Howth, Co Dublin and after reading to thier own two children since the age of 1 they came up with the idea. 

What is Bookawoo?

Bookawoo is a subscription service which sends your child a magical monthly box with a selection of books to help broaden and develop their imagination. Each month has a new theme and is designed to encourage a love of reading. When you subscribe you can skip a month or cancel any time. For children aged between 0 to 11.

What in a Bookawoo Box?

 Every month has a new theme, and is an exciting time for your child to open their Bookawoo box. Each box is personalised to the child age and filled with fun and educational books. At Bookawoo we take great time and care to select beautiful interesting books for children.

I loved the idea and the box arrived to great excitement from Josh. The books inside were of great quality but perhaps a little above Josh’s age group so maybe the age bands could be shortened slightly-I think I chose 2-5 years. 
The monthly subscription is €26.95, €23.95 for the first month. You can cancel or skip a month any time. My favourite idea is the gift a box, also costing €26.95. What a lovely gift for any friend or family kids that you know. 

Find out more about it here and get some pressies of your list by ordering a few Bookawoo’s too!


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