A perfect mummy day…


First off I don’t think perfection exists in parenthood and as a former perfectionist this was a lesson I’ve had to learn over the last 2 and a half years… 
However in my dreamlike state before our 6am wake up call this is what the ‘perfect’ day looks like to me on my days off with Josh or even the weekends…

Josh wakes at 7, we ramble down to breakfast together. I eat something healthy and nutritious and Josh gobbles some brekkie goodness I have given him.
Josh gets an hour of tv time while I get ready and do some jobs and we are ready for the day ahead. There is no dodie in gob!
We go for a walk and return mid morning to do some jigsaws/colouring or other such fun activity. At weekends he might be at a booked activity swimming, football or rugby tots.

Then it’s time for a nap so Josh rubs his eyes, we go upstairs, read a story and he is out for the count for an hour or so…
During this time, first I have a cup of tea whilst watching some day time tv then I get to preparing some delicious dinner. 
Josh wakes and we have lunch together. He eats what I give him and once we are cleared up we head out for an hour or two.
In the afternoon we go out, meet someone or go to the playground/airfield or some other such activity, we have a cuppa/snack together then go home for some ‘down time’ before dada arrives home during the week!
Bath time is fun and easy and teeth washing comes with little resistance…

We watch a quick episode of Dora on our bed while having his cup of milk then in for 2 stories before drifting off into a slumber that does not wake him again until 7am or if he fancies it at the weekends 7.30 is fine with us…
The reality is that to be fair a lot of this does happen from day to day but as it is life with a toddler can be unpredictable and one wrong turn, incorrect temperature on his milk or the wrong book chosen before bedtime can turn a nice moment into a catastrophe. It is not only him, you can start the day full of vigour and my the end of the day be utterly exhausted and that gets in the way too. Days you come home from work should be filled with quality time and catch ups but sometimes all you are all fit for is a snack, the couch and a catch up in between Paw Patrol. 

Just like everything in parenthood, there is the ideals and then there is the reality! Saying that there is nearly always perfect moments in every day and that I am very thankful for. 


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