Influenced by tv shows-Opening your heart to parenthood!


I clearly watch way too much tv… I think a previous post I wrote was also influenced by one of my much loved guilty tv pleasures. This time it was Greys Anatomy. It was a particular scene where one of the characters who didn’t have kids minded her ‘long lost’ sisters kids and had a fun and busy day. In the final scene she wearily told the mum of 3 ‘she didn’t know how she did it’.. But she didn’t mean the exhaustion she meant the extreme love you feel for your kids or she could imagine you would. 

It’s true.. opening your heart to parenthood is like love you can’t imagine. It grows and then grows some more.. It’s an incredible feeling that I feel so thankful to have. But it’s scary too. Your worry and sometimes fear for them can also reach all time high. They are your most precious commodity and you would do anything to protect them. Their love for you is something special too and then the love it brings to your family is another magic element to the whole affair. 

And then you have another.. Or another in my belly in my case and your love doubles, triples, quadruples or however many you decide to have. That scares me but I wouldn’t change it for the world and feel lucky, just very very lucky. 

This type of love changes you as a person and primarily for the better, it’s a selfless love, it’s a reflective love with no boundaries and let’s face it that’s the best kind. 


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