Our days are numbered…


Last night I did something I never really do.. Josh came into our bed. He wasn’t settling which is unusual these days and unless he is sick I usually repel his demands but last night was different.

Last night, just for 20 minutes before we both went to 💤 land he cuddled in beside me and we talked about his baby brother coming soon. I felt an overwhelming emotion, this was it, only a few short weeks of me and my first little buddy.

As he dozed off the tears flooded in as I rubbed his little head, held those little fingers, so precious that I’ve come to love more than was even imaginable over the last almost 3 years. It’s like he knew too, he knows what’s coming but I think we also both know a lot is going to change so while we still have these moments together, I’m going to cherish them. I do also know that the love and joy is about to double, alongside seeing mytwo precious    boys grow together will be a feeling like no other!

It’s almost time to close the chapter on one phase of our lives, our first born but with a huge chunk of emotion I’m excited about the next chapter ahead. 


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