Hello little man… 


1 week early and this time last week I had him in my arms, welcoming him to the world-Baby Max Robert Felton. 

He was born at 7.14am, 8lb in Holles St Hospital.

He was ready to arrive to the world and made this known by only giving me 29 minutes when I arrived into the delivery room!

On Monday night {17th} my mum had taken Josh for the night as we were all exhausted after weeks of bad sleeping. It was like my body relaxed and could focus on the upcoming job in hand and I had a small show. Nothing major and I had an appointment with the midwives early the next day so went to that as normal and came away thinking it could be a few days and I was booked back in for Friday if nothing had happened. I was tired on Tuesday and luckily Ian was off so I got a nap in.

That evening I couldn’t settle bed I was going to the loo more than usual. I weirdly took a pic of my bump as everyone snored away and settled into some kind of sleep. 

This was also the first night Josh had settled well and slept the night, more on that in another post. There were still a few things on the ‘to do’ list and I planned on having another bed day on Wednesday as I’d only managed to squeeze in one on my two weeks off but I was ready and it seems Maxy was too!

4.20 and woke to a ‘pop’-my waters, labour was starting just like Josh but no pains. We called the hospital and mum. All felt calm. I had to go straight in as I had step b so antibiotics had to be administered asap. We got in just before 5. I was admitted and sent to Unit 3. Everyone was asleep and few beds available so we got a room to ourselves. I was monitored for half an hour and once that was done and antibiotic 1 of 2 was complete  at about 5.30 I got into my nightdress and contractions began. Everyone was happy with this as induction due to waters breaking had been mentioned-turns out inhad my own induction about to take place! Mildish at first but increasing in pain and speed quickly. By 6.15 they were coming closely together and I was pacing the floor in increasing pain. The nurse recognised that I wasn’t really getting much of a ‘break’ so asked to examine me. I was 3cm it was rock and roll time. Officially in labour.

I slowly made my way down to delivery and was met by Eimear, not a domino midwife-they were labouring someone else but we went into room 8, the room beside where Josh was born at 6.45. She again asked to examine me to get a ‘starting point’. I was 4cm. The pains were very intense now. I took a few puffs of gas and air but at this point the contractions were one on top of the other and pretty unbearable. I couldn’t speak, breath and leaning against Ian was now giving little relief. I was thinking I had 6cm to go!!! The midwife went to check heartbeat but couldn’t find it on my tummy and we soon realised he was en route out. The sudden urge to push was insane and Eimear took a quick look and instructed me to quickly get on the bed he was on his way! It was only then I got slightly ratty when I realised my husband was trying to sort out the parking which had just kicked in! 🙄

Up I got, just about kneeling, gripping onto the top of the bed. The pain was like nothing I’d ever felt-I started to scream, the pushing was more bearing down than controlled pushing and about 10 of these later and a lot of screeching he popped out into the world! The best thing about the experience was at all times I felt in control, telling myself I could do this and the pain would pass. I had done it before, albeit with pain relief. I remember everything and had clarity at every stage even with the excruciating pain to push.  

He came between my legs for his first cuddle and I flipped around mesmerised by what had just happened. Once I knew Max, which they had just announced was ok I wanted to know I was too. Eimear seemed a little preoccupied and asked that the cord be cut fast, again not done on Josh. She moved for the emergency bell but moved swiftly to the phone. Suddenly there were about 5 people in the room and Max was taken off me. 

He was checked and all was good with him but they seemed worried about what was happening to me. The placenta was delivered fast and it was then I felt a massive gush-unfortunately it was blood. Poor Ian had taken a turn for the worse with all the goings on so was seated with some water so he didn’t faint.

They worked fast and quickly realised it was my uterus that had not had a chance to contract so was bleeding out. I was put on oxtosin and other measures were taken along with talk of a transfusion but thankfully the bleeding stopped and vitals began to return to normal after a short while. I felt incredibly sick but they said this was all normal. 

I required some stitches so a local anisthtic was applied and this was done with the assistance of further gas and air. I then finally got to hold Max properly around all the wires and lines. He started to feed and for me all was right in the world. With Josh we got left at this point but for a few hours in delivery I was monitored every 15 mins. My vitals remained stable so I was transferred to the ward. 

They are still amazed how I didn’t faint or drop significantly so with the oxitosin doing it’s work no transfusion was required. Toast and tea was welcomed and a sweet cup for my very pale husband. I never got this with Josh for some reason and they are right it’s the best you’ll have! 

I was just so thankful we were both ok and being transferred up the ward with the boy in my arms was the best feeling in the world. I remember it with Josh too and you feel both proud and thankful.

Because we never got the second dose of antibiotics and due to the blood loss I would be in for a couple of nights. Baby Max and Mama’s journey began but that can be for another post… 

For now all I can say is a massive thanks to Holles St, always making me feel safe and the incredible midwives from Domino to ward staff and of course Eimear who brought Max into the world! 


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