Wonderful Weeks πŸ’™πŸ’™


It has been almost 2 weeks since we welcomed Max into our world. I have to say it’s been the most wonderful couple of weeks I can recall. Yes there have been challenges and a few  unexpecteds to contend with but the happiness he has brought into our lives far outweighs any of those.

It started with 2 days in hospital due to medical reasons, originally I wasn’t that keen but that 2 days of rest (not sleep I might add) was actually great. I got such special bonding time with Max whilst we both cuddled close on those long nights listening to the other babies cry. 

Leaving hospital felt like a new beginning of sorts and it was such a special day that I will always treasure. Having Josh and Ian come in to collect us was such a lovely memory and that day was filled with love and excitement.

The next few days of course were filled with lots of feeding, a few aches and pains and adjustment time for Josh with a lot of attention seeking but the bubble still remained and the happy hormones did their job. Not being in as much pain as the first time and knowing that sleepless nights etc were inevitable really helped and embracing it rather than fighting it made it all a little easier. 

My husband was an amazing support and I tried to just focus on becoming a family of four rather than constantly on to people or having lots of visitors that first week and that worked for us. It meant I got the feeding established and managed to get in some naps to make up for lost sleep. 

We did go and do some nice things as a family too and it was important when Josh was in school that my husband got time to bond with Max as well. 

By the end of the first week home and an odd experience with our new cleaner that had heightened my emotions-let’s just say she is no longer our cleaner and my bleeding increasing we did need to take a return visit to Holles St. I was checked over and thankfully all was ok and an explanation was given to why this might be happening. Due to my original blood loss it just meant a little more bed rest when I could but it was a relief to get the reassurance.

On the eve before a new month and it being Halloween we are spending it as a family, with ga ga included as she has had little or no time with Max due to work and got her first Josh night in a few weeks last night as their time together is important too.

I can’t express how lucky, thankful and happy I feel… this baby thing is addictive πŸ˜‰ *as my husband runs the other direction! I love being a mama and this time I feel more able and strong than ever-long may is continue. 


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