Newborns-the things you forget! 


We are over 3 weeks into the world of newborns again and there are some things you so quickly forget.

Sleep: How much the sleep every day. Yes the nighttime waking is tiring but we are used to that with our toddler! 

Boobs: Max isn’t the best latcher onto my boob so this makes the memory I forgot of flashing your boobs in public even more prevelant! 

*milk drunk! 

Breathing: You can barely see them breathe so poking Max is a common activity.

Nappies: Sooo many nappies.. You forget but it’s constant… 💩

Out and About: It’s pretty easy when they are so small to get stuff done. Factoring in feeds and stairs of course you can pretty much go and do anything!

Staying Put: Handy when you put them somewhere they just stay there… very useful for toilet trips. 

Smell: You forget the smell but oh it’s just so lovely… 


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