This Weird World


In recent weeks we’ve heard of Tuam.. The 8th Amendment and not forgetting Trump across the water then just yesterday London was targeted. Adding to that is life, the list goes on and you read these tragic, worrying headlines on a daily basis. This is the high line stuff. Sometimes I just think the world has gone mad. Below the line there is the daily grind for people. Working hard, seeing nothing for it. Money by no means brings happiness but unfortunately it does make the world go around and can make things a little easier too… 

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself the last week or so. However after a suitably lovely Paddy’s  weekend I am over my internal strop. I adore the main components in my life but the daily grind was getting me down. My state maternity benefit is about to come to an end which seems all too soon. This will no doubt put extra pressure on our family but it’s a decision we have made for me to extend my leave for a number of reasons so it’s time to tighten the belts even tighter!

We are blessed with what we do have and make the best of it but it gets very frustrating when you are both working, albeit I work part time but my job wouldn’t even cover full time childcare and you can’t secure a family home for your kids while you pay astronomical rent. 

We have made some minor financial bad decisions along the way but we have no family financial support in any regard so we have always had to fend for ourselves in every regard on both sides so have found it hard to save and what we did have has gone due to redundancies, babies etc.

And it’s not just us..amoungst my peer group no matter what their working set up it seems everyone is struggling financially in different ways. 

We, both myself and my husband want simple things for our family but security for the boys comes top of the list so something is going to have to change in the next few years for that to happen.. Right now we are just figuring out what! 


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