6 months of Max


6 months, that’s half a year. Gone in the blink of an eye. It’s gone so fast and yet when I look back on those early days with our new baby boy they seem a lifetime ago. 

I could not have imagined how much this little boy would enrich our lives, add to our family and take his rightful place so firmly in just a few short months.

The minute he shot out at 7.14am on 19th October last,  our bond was instant. I fell deeply in love with this little guy and my understanding of love as a mother became clearer. 

Seeing him come home and become part of our little family has been utterly magical. Within a few short weeks Josh had settled into the role of big brother and what an amazing big brother he is. His love, care and interaction with Max makes me so proud of my precious first born as he grows from a toddler into a little boy. 

Of course there are days where the exhaustion takes hold, he’s a regular waker at night still and both boys early risers. There are periods of time where you feel you barely touch base with your other half..this with 2 kids is the biggest change in our family dynamic I’ve noticed-zero quality time with my husband and sometimes I desperately miss ‘us’. However there will be moments, usually the simplest of things that make us realise how wonderful our existence really is. The time is going so fast and I want to make sure I try and enjoy every part. This can be more difficult some days but 6 months is a real marker and we have lots to look forward to.

The day will return that we get a little more sleep, a lot more adult conversation but the days will pass that he reaches out for me with his chubby hands or giggles at Dad like he is his hero so at night when we get into bed we try and remember this and know how truly lucky we really are. 

Here’s to the next 6 months baby boy and all it’s adventures but don’t go too fast as I see my baby changing before my eyes every day and that both makes me proud and sad too! I love you so much my little smiler and happy six months in this mad world of ours…


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