The real guide to being a mum of two 


We are 11 months now being a family of four and here are some of the things I’ve learnt along the way. Let’s just get one thing straight no one has an easy time of it.. 1 child, 2 children, 10 children but on the more mental days you just gotta roll with it and find the funny side of the madness!

My boys have a 3 year gap so you are condending with different needs which is sometimes great, sometimes hard and sometimes quite hilarious! We are lucky and I know that every single day but here are some of my observations….

NAPS-If the stars align and when my eldest used to take a nap and they would actually nap at the same time it was the stuff of small miracles.

POOP-With 2, one toilet trained but one in nappies you seem to wipe A LOT of bums, it definitely takes up a considerable portion of my day! 

SLEEP-A bit like the naps above, you just hope that once you’ve re settled one at night the other doesn’t wake-we have 2 not so great sleepers so any sleep is precious in our house. 

NOISE-Quiet moments are seldom and certainly more a thing of the past. Busy boys makes for a busy house. 

FUN-It’s busy, tiring and loud but my goodness it is definitely double fun. Seeing them interact as siblings is mesmerising. Already there is a little bond formed and that is just gorgeous to see.

PLAN-If you thought you were busy with one, two brings it to a whole new level so where you can plan, do, if it makes it all a little easier then it’s worth it. From clothes, to meals to activities-a lot of planning goes on in our house!

LOVE-It might be double the fun but it’s quadruple if not more on the love stakes. Having another boy to see grow before our eyes, the love between them as brothers, the pride in their Dad’s eyes-makes all the good, bad and the complete madness of it all completely worthwhile. 


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