12 things I’ve learnt with 12 months with Max


 1. There is more room in my heart and love I didn’t know possible-it was hard to imagine how I could love another child like I loved my first born Josh but once Max arrived the love was instant and deep.

2. Tiredness I didn’t know possible-if I thought I was tired pre baby or with one this was on another level and unfortunately continues to be with another bad sleeper in our lives but most days you just learn to live with it. 

3. Sibling bond-as an only child this was magic for me to watch, from very early on they became firm pals and even though Max is still small they manage to have great craic.

4. Learning to be a mum of boys-when fart noises, poo and general dirtiness becomes common place.

5. My heart is so full but so is my mind-there is literally ALWAYS something to do. 

6. I became knarkier in the last 12 months than probably ever before-see points 5 & 2 above! 

7. I’ve learnt to let things go a little-coming from a perfectionist in certain areas that was quite the challenge but it’s a case of having to sometimes…

8. Fun makes a family-it’s the simple days out together we have as a family of four that truly are the best.

9. It’s not just a myth your boobs can reach your belly button-😳 12 months of feeding and second time round and this is the result! 

10. Wine is no longer your friend, coffee is-a glass or two is perfection at the weekend but a hangover is beyond deadly with 2 busy boys so a coffee a day keeps the madness away.

11. Your time with your husband is precious but rare-this is something we both miss madly at times but we know these are the trench years and will also miss them when they are gone.

12. I realised quite quickly that once I had Max that my urge to be a mother to another baby was incredibly strong and 12 months on despite all the above and because of all the above that hasn’t changed if we are lucky enough of course and give me a year or two of our new normality before another comes into the mix!


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