Christmas Traditions thanks to Dealz


Well there is no escaping it now.. It is December and Christmas is just around the corner. I LOVE Christmas but my goodness there is no denying that it’s an expensive time year. Sooo when Dealz asked me to work with them on some Christmas ideas for the family I was thrilled! I’d already picked up some of their great ranges which are so impressive this year and I am now excited to share some of my finds with you. Most of their Christmas range is only €1.50 with a couple of items slightly higher but more than worth the great price point.

I’m big into Christmas traditions.. It starts with the appearance of Elf.. To have such an array of Elf products in Dealz this year makes it all the more exciting. I haven’t undertaken all the different places Elf can turn up & he might make it onto his swing got my hands on, keeping an eye on goings on. I just had to pick up a Elf cam too, what a genius idea.. this should work wonders for a bit of bare faced bribery coming up to the big day 😝. Keep an eye on my social media accounts on some of the other great bits and bobs I have picked up to help with the excitement/threat of Elf! 😉

I generally do crafting with the boys and was astounded by the offering from Dealz and stocked up for the quieter days coming up to Christmas.

Next up is a new tradition I absolutely adore.. Christmas Eve boxes for the boys. The idea is you fill the boxes and give them to them on Christmas Eve night. Usually included are festive jammies, I also included a book, a bath bomb, a chocolate Santa for Josh and a little teddy for Max. To get the individual boxes from Dealz was such a find and at only 1.49 you cannot go wrong!

A couple of days before Christmas I always take some time to dress the dinner table. I have picked up some staples over the years but I like to freshen it up with some news pieces each year and give a slightly different look. I find Dealz great for this and their range this year is really super. Make sure you keep an eye later this month to see my table set but here are a few of this items I have my eye on.

I will have another post early next week for some activities and ideas for the kids when coming up to Christmas but for now I suggest you hot foot it to Dealz and pick up some of their festive offerings. From Secret Santa, to decor and more, Dealz has everything you need to create your perfect Christmas.

And don’t forget to leave Santa his treats.. This set is seriously cute!

Check out Dealz for more.


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