Childcare Conundrum


We have just chosen our new childminder for the boys who will be minded in our house on Thursday and Friday afternoons from September.

Getting a childminder was a daunting experience for us as both our boys have been in creche care since a young age and the creche we chose all those years ago has almost always given us all great joy and reassurance. Of course with any relationship, never more so than when it comes to your children we’ve had one or two issues but only small and always resolved with professionalism.

With 6 weeks to go until they both leave we were starting to get ready to say goodbye to the lovely environment and people we have gotten to know through the years. They have been great and cared for our boys so well. You will have seen me refer to the oversight on our and maybe a little on their part that josh didn’t move into Summer Camp when perhaps he should but we all thought we’d come to a resolution and Josh was so excited to be back with his friends. Then it all turned sour… now before I tell this story, I am a big creche advocate and almost more so in a way because of the outcome.

Josh had been very upset the first day he went in, this is a child who adapts well to change and was excited about all the new activities etc so it seemed strange to me. He was inconsolable and didn’t want to go in the next day.. we’ve never had that with him. Even at the beginning he’d cry a bit as kids do but be fine 2 minutes later. This was different.

A few days past and little snippets of information started coming from Josh that raised alarm bells… he wouldn’t return to the class, his behaviour changed at home, night terrors and the days he had school, the crying started the minute he got up. We were communicating regularly with the creche and one incident and name kept coming up with more information coming through from Josh as the days went on. Management knew Josh’s reaction and what we were relaying to them was not right so they investigated further. I got a call in work, the teacher he had mentioned was dismissed with immediate affect. Our brave little boy had been strong enough, in his own way to know right from wrong and communicate it in the best way he could. We listened, the creche listened and action was taken.

It’s not ideal this happened at all, Josh still has issue with going to school now-6 weeks before his change into big school and he is left in the younger class with less stimulation and more cotton wool which is what he needs right now but not for the preparation of junior infants and what that will bring.

We’ve met with the managers and owners of the creche who we have a good relationship with. We got the details, nothing extreme or awful happened but a situation was handled with little or no sensitivity-they deemed it too strict, the teacher didn’t, they agreed to disagree but they felt they could not have someone continue working there who had this approach. It all started over Pokemon cards… it seems to trivial and yet the outcome is a mess we have to clean up and try and settle and solve. We have a plan with them to build his confidence back up and hope he leaves with happy memories of a place that has cared well for him for over 3 years.

It gave me confidence that whilst one person mis handled a situation and as a result upset, embarrassed and compromised our child there were plenty of good people and carers around him that rectified it quickly and validated Josh’s concerns which I think was very important for him to see. It was a hard lesson for us all but what I hope he saw was mean people don’t rise to the top and brave people do.


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