Back to School Part 1


Or start of school for us. My eldest started school on yesterday and as cliches as it sounds I really cannot believe it!

My first pic was when I met him is below and now I have to let him go a little into a whole new world, a big leap into learning….

Since mid summer we started collecting the bits we needed for school. We got the book list and worked through that. We started one random day with picking up a pencil case and a few stationary bits and bobs in Bookstation which I found great.

Next up was the school bag, it had to be a certain size and power rangers was the request so Amazon is was for that. Thanks to ‘ga ga’

We then got our books from the list locally, now this was a bit of an oversight -a great service from opening minds but I’ve heard brilliant things since about and that they cover the books for you too-with a discount-wins all round.

Josh’s school does not have a uniform so I wanted to pick up a capsule wardrobe. We had been told he needed velcro plimsoles to stay in school for PE day’s so we picked up those in Penny’s. I decided on jeans, a few trakkies, a few long tops, t shirts, sweatshirts and 2 good versatile jackets. I picked up these items between Leigh Tucker in Dunnes, H&M, Gap and Pep & Co with a few Penny’s bits thrown in too. I got 2 more pairs of good velcro trainers in Lifestyle.

I found a great lunchbox in Dunnes with a top and bottom section which I think will work well but when I continue onto part 2 of the post and lunches are underway I’ll be able to see if it’s as suitable as I think as a novice now!

Final stationary bits were picked up in Bookstation and Easons for the more specialised pencils etc.

I got my stickers from Stuck On You-again probably could have gone with a slightly cheaper option but they seem really good quality and they are needed for everything so well worth it.

I found the run up easy-organising all the bits together but facing into the unknown of what exactly to get etc seemed a little daunting at first so whilst all the school bags are packed up for this year hopefully this will be a handy reference guide for Junior Infants 2019!


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