September Saviours


So we survived September, but jaysus-tis a bit crazy isn’t it when you have a big school person in your life! It seems like another of those things that parents knuckle down and do but never really expose…

Now this September we managed to get through a school start, a creche change, a new childminder-all so positive but changes nonetheless and then the daily lunchbox conundrum, a neck spasm that stopped mama in her tracks and a completely exhausted 4.5 year old has definitely added to the mix..

I’ve spoken to mums further down the line since and we are all in agreement that it is nothing less than chaotic. I mean I would like to think that next year and beyond I’d be a little more prepared but I think just the getting back to routine is enough to shake up any household.

What I did learn is to slow down, take it easy, don’t plan too much and in fact, think too much and sleep when we all could. Rest up, eat well and just chill as a family as much as possible.

However I did want to share some of the things that really helped me survive September.

So the first item I know has been doing the rounds for a long time and I picked mine up in ikea-the apple cutter. You would think what different does it make to a knife but I definitely find it super duper handy with an avid apple lover in the house.

Next up came about when I was in the queue in Tesco-I mean who has time to chop garlic and this is at your disposal in the freezer whenever you require-genius and also picked up chopped onions but I am yet to try those!

I pay delivery saver from Tesco and 10 Euro a month for someone to pick my food and deliver it to my door every week is a winner for me.

Also I got sent some of the range from Mash Direct and with no hidden nasties these are great for quick dinner and to get veg into the boys, well Max-Josh just throws any sort of veg back at me!

Next up a recent discovery is this magic eraser-genius! Dampen and pretty much removes an scuffs from walls/doors etc that is a must for busy boisterous boys.

Finally my keep cup, I finally invested and I love it and let’s face it this has basically been the thing that has kept me upright this final week of this mad month!


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