Christmas Traditions with Dealz


I was working with Dealz again this Christmas which if you watch my stories regularly, you will see is a no brainier for me. I’m already a regular shopper and got so many questions about the elf light that I shared earlier this month and we still love. I’ve been picking up lots of lovely bits late November and early December with décor and gift wrapping starting at only 1.50.


Anyway some of the products I’ll be showing you is around traditions and as a mum, building traditions wimy boys is very important to me and never more so than at Christmas time. As the get older some of those are changing, this year writing the santa letter, the toy show and selection boxes were a big deal. 


We love to go into town and see the live crib and the gingerbread houses/train in the Shelbourne. There is the annual Santa visit and Christmas Eve in town.. All these things add to the excitement and special time of year that it is.


This year is the first year of Josh in school at Christmas so we have had Christmas shows and carol services. We have teacher to consider too so we made a card and a kitty’s was added to to thank her for settling Junior Infants in so well this first term. 


We’ve done a Christmas Eve box the last few years and with shops like Dealz it’s made even easier now-I just add new jammies to wear Christmas, a little toy/game and a treat along with a book to read Christmas Eve night. Now with Pep & Co in lots of the Dealz stores nationwide you can get all you need under one roof which makes it super handy too!

Today was busy, with work, shows, some final jobs and shopping to be done but it’s now time to kick back-enjoy the weekend with family and friends and look forward to the peak excitement that will arrive on Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day too. 

Have a happy Christmas and looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings!



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