Just January


So we have finally come to a close on the first month of the year and I must admit it certainly hasn’t been the worst I’ve had. Long yes, bad no. Nothing amazing has happened, we did paint our living and dining room and I started to ‘Marie Kondo’ my drawers but that’s about as whizzy as it got. BUT and a big but was I didn’t expect much from it and that was the key and something I probably had never done before… It was always going to be better that that of 2018 which was a bit of a shit show for a number or reasons but even in spite of that I’ve certainly come out standing tall, so to speak.

I think the pressure of January can upend many and really what I’ve learnt is if you are just a bit kinder with your goals and expectations then in fact February may well be a month where more will get achieved.

Next month food and fitness are the focus in our family for February-all the ‘F’s. Moving my body is something I never regret as much as I mostly dread it. Food is a focus for the boys..Max is a much better eater than Josh but is not without some of his older brothers bad habits. I plan to bounce them of each other, snack less-try some new things, even if it’s a tiny bite and work towards a better overall eating plan for them both. For us it’s moving more and making it consistent, it can so easily fall off the weekly routine when busy or tired so trying to make sure we fit it in is key.

So that’s it.. again no big goals just a re focus for February. Spring is here so brighter evenings are something to look forward too!


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