Schools Out for Summer Camps


Ready set SUMMER

 Our first official summer holiday from school so making lots of plans to keep us busy, relax a little and fill in the gaps while I am working with camps and juggling holiday time/half days etc.

We are lucky that I work part time so we only have to think about a few of the days a week. In August our childminder also takes the month off so the gaps become larger to fill-this is where camps come in.

Last year  I tested the water trying out a few camps that took 4 year olds to see how he liked them. Still at the age of 5 some are limited and the fact we only look for a couple of days in the week this can be a limitation too.

I wanted to share a list of camps we have explored/done and plan to do this coming 8 weeks… and camps we’ve looked at and like the look of.

Last year we loved:-age massively restricted us last year

Me & the Moon Camps-adored this camp, their method and approach is just fab. Only reason we are not returning this year is distance logistics.

DLR Sports Camps-one we return to time and time again despite Josh having had a bit of a bad experience with one of the kids, he loves the one he goes to as it includes swimming.

This year we are booked into:-

Park Tennis-so far seems excellent-amazing price and teaching. Available until the end of July

Playball Camp-through school so great for familiar faces

Giddy Studios-signed up with their flash deal and Josh always enjoys his time there so I have no doubt it will be a success.

DLR camp-handy cause you can do the odd day to fill in the gaps.

Ones we liked the look of:-

Airfield camp-I always think these look lovely but we never need a full week.

Starcamp-one that came up when in the hunt but had booked a few in by the time we came across it.

Leinster Rugby Camp-location was handy and another string to his bow but had to be 6 to take part

FAI Camps-again age and a bit of a logistics issue meant this wasn’t a runner this year but one is look into again next year with a massive footy fan on my hands.

Deuce Point-this camp came up when I was looking up the tennis camp Josh is currently attending. They are based in Terenure and Castleknock so not ideal for us but check them out if you are close.

Finally Stepaside Golf Camp-on the list for next year due to age.

By the looks of things, next year the options will be endless but for this year we are all set. Hopefully if you are not then this will help a little….


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