Classes for Baby Number 2 


I wasn’t sure I’d go full hog on the baby classses for baba number 2 but when it came to it, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for some one on one time that becomes such a rarity with the second child. 

We did both our classes with Little Lotus. Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. Here’s a little about both below if you are looking into doing some yourself! 

{Baby Massage}

This class is run over about an hour but the massage part is over a 30 minute period. This particular class was done so nicely. When we arrived there was a mat, super soft pillow and little printed name card for each baby. We all circled a big patchwork quilt and with plenty of time to chill we got started. Each week we worked on different areas of the babies in the lovely warm room. The whole class is baby led so stopping for feeds, cuddles etc is all encouraged and you feel completely at ease. It just happened all but one were all second time mums so we had lots to chat about. Our chats were made all the nicer by a range of yummy bikkies and a hot cup of tea made by the lovely Jennie. The best part about it was aguaranteed  good sleep by Max after the class so some down time for mama or at least time to get the dinner on! 😉

{Baby Yoga}

I joined this class half way through the term but I really wanted to take part as there were a few members of my baby massage class, I had loved that so much and I also knew with all the actions/songs involved in baby yoga that Max would just love it and I wasn’t wrong! The class takes a similar format to the baby massage but is a bit more action filled. There is good stretching and movement for mama and song brilliant songs and swinging for baba when Max just squealed with delight. The session is finished by lying with your baby to a lovely uplifting song and along with Max’s gigggles this was probably my favourite part of this class, chilling and reflecting with my littlest man.

I hope to also do some of these in the coming months as they were something I really enjoyed with Josh. NGI Baby Class, Messy Monkeys & a few more Baby Cinema sessions before he’s on the move! 

Getting my body back..


I am missing scones, I am not going to lie but as I approached 3 months of Max I was still wearing one or two pairs of my maternity jeans and I felt sluggish. 

When I had Josh, pre Christmas as well with a just over 3 stone weight gain the weight came off relatively easily. I was always about half a stone over my pre baby weight but that didn’t bother me one bit. Then my second pregnancy brought its own problems and wasn’t as easy as my first. I was much more sedentary and gained the 3 stone again, if not a little more. 

Once having Max and the first little while had passed, I observed the weight etc was not coming down as quick as it had first time round. I had anticipated this somewhat but coming into January carrying over 2 stone more than I was meant to was getting me down. I took action. 

I have started slimming world and a number of classes too. I am not pushing it but chipping away and it’s making a difference to how I look and most importantly how I feel.

People comment that I am mad but it’s important to me to get my body back strong and feel well, energised and happy so these are the actions I am taking.  I have a little summary of some of the classes I am doing below along with how slimming world is working for me.

Slimming World

A lot of people will know if slimming world and perhaps how it works but for those who don’t it’s basically a plan that allows you to eat as much as you want of the ‘good stuff’ keeping in mind to always have 1/3 of your plate as ‘speed’ which is extra veg and then you also get an allowance of ‘syns’ per day for the naughty stuff. I find it easy to follow and with a stone down in 2 months it’s working for me. Check out more here. I go to the Stillorgan Class and find Michele really great and supportive and along with the handy app it’s an easy fit into my day to day life. 

Oslo Mummy and Me Class

I can’t say enough about this class. It’s a Pilates class run by Pamela Renwick who has 4 girls herself so knows a thing or two about post partum bodies. She works you hard but with the beautiful surrounds and little touches involved in an Oslo class it feels like a real treat too. Paula is brilliant with the babies too if they get bored of watching you get hot and sweaty, she’s happy to have a cuddle while you work off your mum bum! Check out this class and more here

Mummy Buggy Class

Near where my son goes to Montessori there is a class each Monday morning which allows you bring your buggy to a weights/circuits style class. It’s based in the fabulous facility of the DLR Balloygan Gym and is a cheap and convienient way for me to pass an hour before I collect Josh again. 

Lean in 15-Joe Wicks DVD

I started this only recently and will aim to do it a couple of times a week. The first one, on level 1 was great. It’s quick, you do it in your living room with minimum fuss so a really handy one post baby. The level 1 pace builds a sweat and Mr Lean in 15 keeps you going throughout… I thought his voice might annoy me but it actually didn’t so will definitely now include this into my weekly routine.

I have also done some classes with Max but will include those in a separate post as they are a little less about moving and more about one on one time and tea/bikkies and chats after class! 

Toucan Box


I ordered this box a few weeks ago as Josh just loves ‘aptivities’/’crafting’ at the mo and I thought this looked really cute. 

I wasn’t disappointed. I got my first box for free from a refer a friend {which you can too} and then it’s less than 3.50 a week and the box arrives fortnightly on the plan we chose. You can also cancel at any time. 

I loved the simplicity and well thought out items within the box along with an easy to follow instruction/activity book. 

At age 3 Josh definitely needs help with some of the tasks but that makes it lovely too. Every 2 weeks now this box arrives with a wave of excitement and it’s one of our things to do together that afternoon. We’ve had 2 boxes now and I’ll certainly continue until the shine wears off but with each box having a different theme I think this box is here to stay in our house for some time to come…

Reason for blogging?!?


I sometimes wonder where this blog is going or what the reason for it all is.. it started as a private diary and now it is published for all to see. I sometimes think, is it just a way of me ‘oversharing’ my boys through my social media channels or can it be put to good use and can I grow it into the future, I certainly hope the latter and have plans in place to try and do that a little more. 

However I do get contacted by my followers on occasion for advice or get encouraging words posted and this makes it feel all worth while. This exact thing happened recently.. I have written a few posts about breastfeeding and my journey to date however just the other day I got contacted by a follower asking for my advice.. She has been struggling for a number of reasons in feeding her 6 week old and asked my opinion. I am no expert but I tried to give an informed answer and honest opinion in return. In summary, I felt that it was important for me to encourage her to keep feeding if she could find the right support but she felt like a ‘bad mum’ because she currently had to top up with formula. She felt ashamed and uncomfortable feeding her child in public with a bottle and this can also be the case for breastfeeding mums too. This made me both sad and angry. Society, social media and lack of support and information were making her feel that way. My breastfeeding journey on both boys has not been painless but has certainly been relatively straightforward however for many this is not the case. One thing I firmly believe is a happy mum is a happy baby and you need to do what feels right for you and your child. I have a introduced a bottle to both boys from 4 weeks to give us all a bit of flexibility and Max has one bottle most days as his evening feed. I really felt I needed to share this message. I wanted another side of the story so I asked a fellow blogger her permission to share hers Both mums feeling like failures which should not be the case.. Sometimes it doesn’t work out for very valid reasons, some people choose not to and that’s ok too and a lot of the time this is down to lack of support and information. Feeding your child, loving your child and keeping them safe and warm is what is important and for new mums this message should be the strong one shining through! 

Read the other side of the story here:

Sibling Bond


I am an only child so it was always so important to me to have at least one sibling for Josh. It is genuinely one of the things I felt I missed as a child and continue to miss as you go through the cycles of life. I have great friends, I have a sort of sister but I don’t think anything can beat that connection you have with a sibling. 

When Max arrived I never anticipated how quickly the boys would create that bond. For me it is completely mesmerising to watch. The love Josh has for Max and even at just under 4 months the adoration that Max has for Josh is beyond amazing. 

I am quite sure there are days ahead where they will kill eachother and there could be times where they might not even like eachother that much but I hope for them a lifelong journey of brotherhood ahead. They are lucky to have eachother and I’ll be telling them that too… 



I got contacted by these guys a few weeks ago and I’ll be honest with coming out Christmas and getting organised and on the straight and narrow for new year it took me a while to actually take a good look at what the service provides.

Babysits provides an online directory and community to link parents and childcare providers in a safe, easy way. They also have a handy app for both IOS or Andoid users. The steps are as easy as below but you can check is out for yourself here:

We only really have one grandparent to call on for babysitting duties so with two now in tow I think it would be no harm having a back up sitter that the boys were familiar with. 

I found this site very easy to navigate and liked the extensive descriptions. It has each minders availability too and some have references there to see. It’s a great start and then you use your own judgement when meeting the person if they will be a right fit for your family. I’m not going to lie I’d be pretty nervous leaving the boys in the care of someone other than family/friends but if there was a route to go down this is a good place to start!